Congratulations to Pavlo Serhiienko on obtaining a Doctor of Philosophy degree!


On November 8, 2023, the decision of the academic council of the National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute” on the awarding of the Doctor of Philosophy degree to Pavlo Serhiienko came into effect!

The team of the SPiSKS department congratulates Serhiy on this significant achievement and wishes him to attain new scientific accomplishments!

The KPI library invites researchers of the KPI!

Dear colleagues!
The KPI library invites researchers of the KPI named after Ihor Sikorskyi and all those willing to take part in the lecture “How to properly arrange borrowing from other sources” on November 8 at 4:00 p.m.
The event will take place within the course of open lectures “Academic Honesty: the rules of the game or a matter of honor.”
Key aspects:
– how to properly issue a quote
– general requirements for citation
– how to confirm the quoted
– how to group information sources in the list
– what is a bibliographic manager
– a program for organizing bibliographic information EndNote.

Olena Kosmina,
Center for Information Support of Education and Research | Scientific and technical library named after G. I. Denysenko
National Technical University of Ukraine “Ihor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”

Calendar control

Today begins the first calendar control of the spring semester 2022/2023!

🔸 Calendar control (CC) is set according to the results obtained during the current study: students receive certain types of tasks, perform them and receive points that are added to the already available ones, according to the rating system of evaluation (RSO). The results of the CC are entered by teachers in the “Calendar control” module of the Electronic Campus.

🔸 In the 4th year of the bachelor’s degree, there is no calendar control this semester due to the shortened academic semester.
For students of the 1st-3rd year of the bachelor’s degree and the 1st year of the master’s degree, the calendar control will take place:
• the first calendar control from 03/20/2023 to 04/01/2023;
• second calendar control from 05/08/2023 to 05/20/2023.

Open meeting with experts as part of the accreditation visit

Dear colleagues, students and visitors to the SPiSKS department website!

On 10.01.2023 at 17:00, an online meeting with the expert group will be held as part of the accreditation visit.

Details of the ZOOM conference open meeting with experts:

ID 31214 National Technical University of Ukraine
“Ihor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”, OP “Computer Systems and Networks”

ID 31241 National Technical University of Ukraine “Ihor Sikorskyi Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”, OP “System Programming and Specialized Computer Systems”
Date: January 10, 2023. Start of work: 17:00
Join the Zoom conference:
Conference ID: 760 3255 4767
Password: 2023

Sociological survey regarding the quality of education in KPI

Dear students of higher education!

Student surveys are an important component of the quality assurance system of the educational process.
Therefore, we ask you to take part in a sociological survey about the quality of education at KPI named after Igor Sikorsky.

The link to the survey is placed in the personal offices of students in the Electronic Campus.

Thank you for your cooperation!

International scientific and practical conference “MoodleMoot Ukraine”

Starting from 2023, the international scientific and practical conference “MoodleMoot Ukraine. Theory and practice of using the Moodle learning management system” will be held under the auspices of KPI.

The next, 11th MoodleMoot Ukraine conference is planned to be held online at the end of May 2023. Those wishing to take part in its work can get additional information on the website

Embedded Meetup by Ajax Systems

On November 17, 2022, the teachers of the department took part in the Embedded Meetup from Ajax Systems (Kyiv).

Team leaders of the R&D department made reports on the following topics:

  • technical, physical and hard challenges for engineers. How to take into account all the limitations in the development of the device?
  • own embedded fw in the company, its feasibility. Ajax Systems experience.
  • universal code in C. Easy integration with different microcontrollers and compilers.

A panel discussion was held on the topic of the global shortage of components and practical advice on how to solve this problem at Ajax Systems.



The educational process in the fall semester of 2022/2023

In accordance with the prepared Order “On measures to organize and implement the educational process in the fall semester of the 2022/2023 academic year”, the educational process at KPI named after Igor Sikorskyi begins in distance mode / distance mode with separate face-to-face classes for students of full-time and part-time higher education in accordance with the schedule of the educational process for 2022/2023. and the Regulation of the organization of the educational process in distance mode.

According to the decision of the Academic Councils of the faculties / institutes (must be adopted by 16.08.2022!) it is allowed to hold individual classes in face-to-face mode taking into account the characteristics of individual educational programs (or their educational components) on the condition that: there are places in the shelters of the educational buildings where it is planned to be held classes, and compliance with higher education standards. In the case of conducting individual classes (practical, laboratory) in face-to-face mode:
• full-time classes are held only for those who have such an opportunity;
• the possibility of remote connection (online broadcast) to such classes is provided;
• individual days of face-to-face classes are planned, taking into account safe conditions for students of higher education and scientific-pedagogical/pedagogical workers.

For applicants who do not have the opportunity to participate in the educational process, the following is provided: the possibility of transferring the mastery of the educational component to the following semesters, providing individual study schedules and completing a semester control, or academic leave.

📋 The order “On measures to organize and implement the educational process in the fall semester of the 2022/2023 academic year” is currently under approval. More information is in the article.